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Easy 5 Step Process of Trademark Registration

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We'll conduct a free search of the official TM registry to check for availability

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We'll help you prepare the necessary documents required for the TM application.


We help you prepare the documents required for the TM application.


Once you confirm the draft, we'll file for trademark registration on your behalf.


Your application will be filed within 1 hour of receiving your confirmation.

Registration Stages

1. New Application​

Firstly, your Trademark Register application is checked and verified for clearing of all the required formalities as per the tm registration rules

2. Examination

In Conclusion, The examination officer checks conflicting mark with existing applications after that they may raise objection or clears it for further registration.

3. Objection

For Instance, If it is objected, After That, we have to file a written reply answering all the objections raised in the examination report within the given time.

4. Acceptance And Advertising

After That, If the reply is accepted, then the application gets advertised in the TM Journal to make it official for public.

5. Opposition

However, this Hits in a very rare case, for Instance where the public may oppose the application if they find it too similar to their applications.

6. Registration

After that, the given time of advertisement, a Trademark Register / registration certificate is issued and emailed to you.

Trademark Registration Service Package

  • Free Online Search Report

  • Online Trademark Registration Application Filing

  • Permanent Application Number

  • Government Acknowledgement Forms & Receipts

  • Start using ‘TM’ Symbol alongside your Brand Name

  • Trademark Objection Reply Filing & handling

  • Monthly Tracking of your Application

  • End-to-End Trademark Registration Service